Oct 26 2018


2019 season


 Special Announcement

The 2019 season will start with a promotion to encourage the participation of cyclists when they register as a team within a day race. Each team that registers 4 riders in the same date the fifth rider will only pay $ 5.00 this promotion excludes when one of the 4 registered riders is participating on his second race of the day. For example, Team XX enters 4 riders in 40+; the fifth rider of the same team will pay only $ 5.00. If the same team registers 4 riders in 1-2-3 but one of them is doing the second race at a reduced price on the same day the promotion does not apply, there must be four riders paying the registration at a full price. The only regulation to this promotion is that the 5 riders must wear the same jersey at the time of racing. There will be no exceptions to this rule. The promotion starts from the winter series and includes all our events of the year.

At the end of the year, a trophy will be awarded to the winning team in each of the categories offered, in case a racer changes team within the season the points will remain accumulated for the team from which he previously raced.