Rosewood Series Rules

We obey USA Cycling ruling for stage racing by points classification. (USAC Rule Book)

Special Rules:

1.- If Leaders jersey it is not worn by the rider the penalty will be 5 points upon a protest from other riders, the only exception will be if for any reason the jersey it is not provided by race promoter. If a rider gives up the right to wear the leader's jersey it will lose such privilege for consecutive races within the same series. If a race leader do not show up to the next race and loses the leader’s jersey, and is regained later on within the series he will not received another one since we already provided one to him within the same series. We will not provided additional jerseys within a series to riders that already received the leader's jersey. If a new leader emerges within a series a new jersey will be given to him.

2.-It is not mandatory to participate in all races to keep the gained points or the leaders jersey.

3.- Points are giving as follows:

-.Leaders Jersey: All venues will give the same amount of points to top ten riders, they will get points from 10 to 1

-.Sprinters Jersey if applicable: First 3 riders will receive points; 3, 2, and 1 respectively except Vista View venue.

4.- If a rider accumulate the same amount of points as the race leader we follow the ruling on section 4C3 (c) of USA Cycling rule book, and if they continue tied the winner will be the rider that originally had the jersey (current leader). At the first race of any given series, if for the sprinters jersey (when applicable) two or more riders tie up in points for first place, sprinters jersey will not be given until one of the rider clearly gets ahead in points from the others competitors at the following event after the tie-breaker. 

5.- Top ten riders from any given race at any given venue limited to the regular series will qualified for the season finale; none qualified riders are welcome to race and help qualified team members. Previous points gained will not count for the final race, to determine the Rosewood championship race winner; but they will count to establish the overall winner of all series. The winner of the year of the points jersey will be determine by the total points over all from the 3 series and the finale.

6.- Uncollected price money during any given race at any series will be donated to the Miami Rescue Mission for Thanksgiving date. After the event is over the date of last race for series 3; no claims will be accepted for uncollected price monies.

7.- Awards:

7.-1 All top 3 riders at any given race will receive medals. At the end of each series all top 3 riders will receive trophies. All series will award leader's jersey (see rule 1 for additional info)

7.-2 Winter Series cash prize will be at the end of the series to top 5 on each event.

7.-3 Regular Series will have independent cash prizes, but general classification will not.

7.-4 We will crown the year end champion and the year end points champion with special jersey. We will award best team on each category at the end of the season.

8.- Riders caught racing without been registered will be reported to USA Cycling for suspension. Riders racing with no number or chip will not be included into the race results and no prize will be awarded if any. No exceptions. Registration will close 10 minutes before any given race.

9.- Climber's points will be given at Vista View Park races. Top three riders will get points at two primes as well as to the finish of the event. Accumulated value of all Vista View races per category, will give the winner of the year for each category. Points received at any given prime or race finish are 3, 2, and 1 respectively.

10.- If categories are combined the prize award will be given to top 5 riders regardless the category that they belong to.

11.- Road Race Rules:

11.- 1 Motorcycles are totally prohibited due to safety issues in benefit to the riders.

11.- 2 The organization will provide neutral support wheels in wheels out. Riders will provide their own wheels.

11.- 3 Riders are allowed to buy space in the caravan to be assisted by teams of four riders, position will be granted to the highest number of points on their licenses with USAC and so on.

11.-4 Only one fitting zone authorized by us in compliance with county and surrounding cities on US 41. It is the riders' responsibility to send their own assistance ahead of time. On Krome avenue event fit zone will be at the start-finish area.

11.-5 If riders cannot afford to buy space in the caravan, they are welcome to bring their own assistant vehicle and place it at the end of the caravan.

11.-6 None of the vehicles in the caravan are allow to get forward to assist riders, in need of assistance any given rider MUST go back to the their car to be assisted, passing by the referee’s car telling your intentions.

11.-7 The time limitation not to be DNF is 15 minutes after the winner’s time. It will be at our discretion to enforce this rule.

11.-8 We will provide 2 police cars per group. They will be handled at the referee’s discretion throughout the peloton based on how the race develops.

11.-9 The yellow line rule is enforced at all times, first time violation a warning will be given, second time disqualification.

11.-10 All participants must obey city, state and USAC rules at all times.

12.- Criterium Rules:

12.-1 On all criterium venues riders getting dropped from the pack cannot help riders on the breakaway, by doing so it will allow disqualification for the rider(s) given assistance as well as for the riders receiving the benefit, it is the responsibility of the riders in the breakaway not to let dropped riders go to the front and help.

12.-2 Riders that lapped the field are allowed to receive assistance from other riders or team mates, since it may be consider as a brand new race.

12.-3 If a rider(s) that lapped the field get dropped from the pack they cannot received assistance from other riders coming back from the main pack to assist but if is overtaken by a chase group the all can work together.

12.-4 When a rider(s) lap the field all participants will finish the race at the same time. It does not make a difference if any given rider gets caught on the last lap.

The promoter reserve the right to make any changes or modifications to the rules as required.