Sept 9 2014

      Rosewood Series is part of the USA Cycling National Ranking System.
Series III Race IV

Davie, FL, September 7h, 2014

* 35+ Only the brave dare to come to the “house of pain” For a couple of laps we had the bunch together, until B Reeves took off and grabbed all points available for the polka dot jersey. But it was not enough to take the jersey from JA Rodriguez. I Franco jumped and chased to get to his team mate at front, to take second place. Out of the rest of the field, JA Rodriguez took third place to complete the podium. On GC JF Rodriguez kept yellow, JA Rodriguez moved onto second place and R Robinson got into third.
* 45+ & 55+ The house of pain took in the second field of the day; a combined 45+ and 55+, after the first intermediate sprint a break of three were gone. I Franco took all points available for the KOM and got crowded as the new king. The break of three ends up in getting to finish line one by one. I Franco won the day followed by C Ortiz that kept his leader’s jersey and G Ferrer. In reference to the 55+ M Mosquera took first followed by R Abreu and S Kurth. No significant changes on GC.
* Pro 1,2,3 The house of pain welcomed the future of cycling, juniors from Interactive Metronome and Boom Development Team came to the line to test their self’s with the best of the best. We are glad to see this approach and taking advantage of this course to really have a taste of real cycling. G Bianchi day after he got married, came to race, and he knew why, took all intermediate sprints and won the race, on top of all of this, he got crowned as the new KOM, it couldn’t get any better than this to a newlywed, congrats!. Second place of the day was for L Zayas racing now for all 4 cycling team, P Sansbury took third. GC had changes, F Matute did not race and lost his yellow jersey, and now G Bianchi and S Mlujeak are tied on first place.
* Cat 4&5 The biggest field of the day, dear to challenge “the house of pain”. Why the nick name? Two climbs in the middle of a 1.5 course couldn’t be better. First intermediate sprint was good enough for C Fuentes to take the 2014 KOM polka dot jersey. A beak of three gave us as the winner of the day, M Monteverde from Patches team. Followed by K Jambretz and A Garcia. Congratulations to the Mow brothers, a couple of juniors seeking for a better future in cycling that were up to the challenge. The only change on GC was Monteveerde moving upto second place overall.
Fernando Angel

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